After our own stressful wedding day with no coordinator, Jason and I developed a desire to help give other couples a wonderful wedding experience by serving as wedding coordinators. Jason and I love weddings and want to help couples make sweet memories.

We began coordinating weddings as a couple in 2007. The more we coordinated, the more we loved it! It was fun to develop lists and a set of questions to guide couples. After each wedding, we enjoyed the challenge of sitting down and thinking about what went wrong and how to avoid that problem in the future. So we would edit and critique our questionnaire to perfect it for the next wedding.

As the years passed, more and more couples began asking for our questionnaires. Eventually, our desire to help couples enjoy planning their weddings and our goal of making our questionnaires more accessible led to publishing a book: The Wedding Bliss Planner.

In addition to relieving the couple, we desire to be an assistant to the parents. Parents may have financial stress, loss of sleep, the responsibility of keeping a home, raising younger siblings or a position of leadership in church, school or at work. Our desire is help your family enjoy this special time too.

God bless you as you dream, prepare and enter your wedding day!